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Running the Updater

We need to update the MiSTer the first time you get it setup. This is because the MiSTer currently only has a script to update it, no cores, no arcade files, and it's system files may be outdated. If you don't have a wired internet connection to your MiSTer, please remove your microSD and place the WiFi script into the scripts folder, and then follow the instructions in the WiFi tutorial.

Running /

Now that your MiSTer is connected to either a wired internet connection or a WiFi connection, you should run an update. This may take awhile the first time, but each time you run the updater after that it will take a lot less time. It's important to update your MiSTer regularly as the framework, cores, and software is updated frequently with bug fixes, features, and new cores.

It's very easy to run, just navigate to the scripts selection in the On Screen Display (osd) in the Menu core by pressing F12, select it, and go to the downloader script and select it. See video below for an example of the downloader script running: