MRA Setnames

This is a list of the mra files and the setnames that are used for the mister.ini core exceptions.

mra_filename setname mameversion rbf
1941 Counter Attack -World 900227-.mra 1941 217 jtcps1
1942.mra 1942 217 jt1942
1943 Kai Midway Kaisen.mra 1943kai 217 jt1943
1943 Midway Kaisen.mra 1943j 217 jt1943
1943 The Battle of Midway Mark II.mra 1943mii 217 jt1943
1943 The Battle of Midway.mra 1943u 217 jt1943
1944 The Loop Master (Euro 000620).mra 1944 229 jtcps2
19XX The War Against Destiny (Euro 960104).mra 19xx 229 jtcps2
280Z-ZZAP (US).mra 280zzzap 226 spaceinvaders
4D Warriors (315-5162).mra 4dwarrio 216 segasys1
Action Fighter (World, S16A) [FD1089A 317-0018].mra afighter 232 jts16
Adventure Quiz Capcom World 2 -Japan 920611-.mra cworld2j 217 jtcps1
Alex Kidd The Lost Stars (Set 2, World, S16A) [No Protection].mra alexkidd 232 jts16
Ali Baba and 40 Thieves.mra alibaba 220 pacman
Alien Arena (Stargate upgrade).mra alienaru 218 robotron
Alien Syndrome (set 4, System 16B, unprotected).mra aliensyn 232 jts16b
Alien vs. Predator (Euro 940520).mra avsp 229 jtcps2
Altered Beast (set 8) (8751 317-0078).mra altbeast 232 jts16b3
Amazing Maze.mra maze 226 spaceinvaders
Amidar (Scramble).mra amidars 216 scramble
Anteater.mra anteater 216 scramble
Arkanoid (JP).mra arkanoidj 220 arkanoid
Arkanoid (Unl. lives) [hb].mra arkanoid 220 arkanoid
Arkanoid (Unl. Lives, slower) [hb].mra arkanoid 220 arkanoid
Arkanoid (US).mra arkanoid 220 arkanoid
Arkanoid (W).mra arkanoid 220 arkanoid
Armed F (Japan).mra armedf 240 armedf
Armored Car.mra armorcar 216 scramble
Armored Warriors (Euro 941024).mra armwar 229 jtcps2
ASO.mra aso 193 SNK_TripleZ80
Asteroids Deluxe.mra astdelux 216 asteroidsdeluxe
Asteroids.mra asteroid 220 asteroids
Astro Flash (Japan).mra astrofl 235 SMS
Athena.mra athena 193 Athena
Attack Force.mra attackfc 226 spaceinvaders
Aurail (set 3, US) (unprotected).mra aurail 232 jts16b
Azurian Attack.mra azurian 220 galaxian
Bad Dudes vs. Dragonninja (US revision 1).mra baddudes 232 jtninja
Bagman.mra bagman 220 bagman
Balloon Bomber.mra ballbomb 219 spaceinvaders
Battle Circuit (Euro 970319).mra batcir 229 jtcps2
Battle of Atlantis.mra atlantis2 217 scramble
Bay Route (set 3, World) (FD1094 317-0116).mra bayroute 232 jts16b
Beastie Feastie (Pac-Man Conversion).mra beastfp 220 pacman
Berzerk.mra berzerk 220 berzerk
Big Kong.mra bigkong 224 crazykong
Billiard.mra bilyard 229 tiamc1
Bionic Commando.mra bionicc 217 jtbiocom
Birdiy.mra birdiy 220 pacman
Black Hole.mra blkhole 220 galaxian
Black Tiger.mra blktiger 217 jtbtiger
Black Widow.mra bwidow 218 blackwidow
Blasto.mra blasto 229 blockade
Block Block (World 911219 Joystick).mra block 237 jtpang
Block Gal.mra blockgal 217 segasys1
Blockade.mra blockade 229 blockade
Blue Shark.mra blueshrk 226 spaceinvaders
Body Slam (World, S16) [8751 317-0015].mra bodyslam 232 jts16
Bomb Jack.mra bombjack 220 bombjack
Boot Hill.mra boothill 226 spaceinvaders
Botanic (English, Spanish, Set 1).mra botanic 220 bagman
Boulder Dash - Boulder Dash Part 2 (World).mra bouldash 232 jtslyspy
Breakout (TTL).mra breakout breakout
Bubble Bobble (Japan, Ver 0.1).mra bublbobl 231 jtbubl
Bubbles.mra bubbles 218 robotron
Bull Fight (315-5056).mra bullfgt 217 segasys1
Bullet (FD1094 317-0041).mra bullet 232 jts16b
Burger Time (Set 1).mra btime 229 burgertime
Burnin' Rubber.mra brubber 220 burningrubber
Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (World 930201).mra dino 217 jtcps15
Calipso.mra calipso 216 scramble
Canyon Bomber.mra canyon 220 canyonbomber
Capcom Sports Club (Euro 971017).mra csclub 229 jtcps2
Capcom World (Japan).mra cworld 237 jtpang
Captain Commando -World 911202-.mra captcomm 217 jtcps1
Carrier Air Wing -World 901012-.mra cawing 217 jtcps1
Catacomb.mra catacomb 217 galaxian
Centipede (Rev 3).mra centiped3 218 centipede
Centipede (Rev 4).mra centiped 220 centipede
Clean Sweep.mra cleansweept 0 galaxian
Clowns.mra clowns 218 spaceinvaders
Colony 7 (Set 1).mra colony7 216 defender
Combat School Joystick.mra combatsc 222 jtcomsc
Commando.mra commando 230 jtcommando
CoMotion.mra comotion 229 blockade
Computer Space.mra n/a 220 computerspace
Contra (US - Asia, set 1).mra contra 229 jtcontra
Cosmic Alien.mra n/a 219 cosmic
Cosmic Avenger.mra cavenger 220 ladybug
Cosmo.mra cosmo 226 spaceinvaders
Cotton (set 4, World) (FD1094 317-0181a).mra cotton 232 jts16b
Crater Raider.mra crater 216 mcr3scroll
Crazy Balloon.mra crbaloon 219 crazyballoon
Crazy Climber 2 (Japan).mra cclimbr2 240 armedf
Crazy Climber.mra cclimber 216 crazyclimber
Crazy Kong (Kyoei).mra ckong 224 crazykong
Crazy Kong (Orca bootleg).mra ckongo 224 CrazyKong
Crazy Kong Part II (Set 1).mra ckongpt2 224 crazykong
Crush Roller (Set 2).mra crush2 220 pacman
Cyberbots Fullmetal Madness (Euro 950424).mra cybots 229 jtcps2
Dangun Feveron.mra dfeveron 226 cave
Dark Planet (no bkg).mra darkplnt 209 scramble
Dark Planet.mra darkplnt 209 scramble
Darkstalkers The Night Warriors (Euro 940705).mra dstlk 229 jtcps2
Defender (Red Label).mra defender 218 defender
Demolition Derby (MCR-3 Mono Board Version).mra demoderm 216 mcr3mono
Devil Fish (Galaxian Hardware).mra devilfsg 220 galaxian
Dig Dug (Rev 2).mra digdug 220 digdug
Dig Dug II (New Ver).mra digdug2 220 druaga
Dimahoo (Euro 000121).mra dimahoo 229 jtcps2
Discs of Tron.mra dotron 218 mcr3
DoDonPachi (Arrange).mra ddonpach 226 cave
DoDonPachi (Japan).mra ddonpach 226 cave
DoDonPachi Trainer (Japan).mra ddonpach 226 cave
DoDonPachi.mra ddonpach 226 cave
Dokaben (Japan).mra dokaben 237 jtpang
Domino Man.mra domino 216 mcr2
Dominos.mra dominos 220 dominos
Donkey Kong (Spanish Crazy Kong bootleg).mra ckongdks 224 CrazyKong
Donkey Kong (US, Set 1).mra dkong 220 donkeykong
Donkey Kong 3 (US).mra dkong3 220 donkeykong3
Donkey Kong Junior (US, Set F-2).mra dkongjr 217 donkeykongjunior
DonPachi (Japan).mra donpachi 226 cave
DonPachi.mra donpachi 226 cave
Dorodon (Set 1).mra dorodon 220 ladybug
Dottori-Kun (new).mra dotrikun 225 DottoriKun
Dottori-Kun (old).mra dotrikun 225 DottoriKun
Dottori-Man Jr.mra dotrikun 225 DottoriKun
Double Dragon II - The Revenge.mra ddragon2 223 jtdd2
Double Dragon.mra ddragon 223 jtdd
Dream Shopper.mra dremshpr 220 pacman
Dungeons & Dragons Shadow over Mystara (Euro 960619).mra ddsom 229 jtcps2
Dungeons & Dragons Tower of Doom (Euro 940412).mra ddtod 229 jtcps2
Dunk Shot (Rev C, FD1089A 317-0022).mra dunkshot 232 jts16b
Dynamite Dux (set 3, World) (FD1094 317-0096).mra ddux 232 jts16b
Dynasty Wars -USA, B-Board 89624B- -.mra dynwar 217 jtcps1
Eco Fighters (World 931203).mra ecofghtr 229 jtcps2
Eeek! (Pac-Man Conversion).mra eeekkp 220 pacman
Eggor.mra eggor 220 pacman
ESP Ra.De. (Japan).mra espradej 226 cave
ESP Ra.De..mra esprade 226 cave
E-Swat - Cyber Police (set 4, World) (FD1094 317-0130).mra eswat 232 jts16b
Exed Exes.mra exedexes 232 jtexed
Extra Bases.mra ebases 219 astrocade
Eyes (US, Set 1).mra eyes 220 pacman
F-1 Dream.mra f1dream 217 jtf1dream
Fantasy Zone (Rev A, World, S16A) [No Protection].mra fantzone 232 jts16
Fantasy Zone II - The Tears of Opa-Opa (System 16C version).mra fantzn2x 232 jts16b
Fantasy Zone II - The Tears of Opa-Opa.mra fantzn2 235 SMS
Fast Lane.mra fastlane 237 jtflane
Fever SOS.mra dfeveron 226 cave
FightingGolf.mra fitegolf 193 Athena
Final Fight -World, set 1-.mra ffight 217 jtcps1
Finalizer - Super Transformation (Set 1).mra finalizr 240 Finalizer
Finalizer - Super Transformation (Set 2) [bl].mra finalizrb 240 Finalizer
Finalizer - Super Transformation (Set 2).mra finalizra 240 Finalizer
Flash Point (set 2, Japan) (FD1094 317-0127A).mra fpoint 232 jts16b
Flicky (128k Version, 315-5051).mra flicky 217 segasys1
Food Fight (Rev 3).mra foodf 220 foodfight
Forgotten Worlds -World, newer-.mra forgottn 217 jtcps1
Frenzy (Rev RA1).mra frenzy 220 frenzy
Frogger (Konami Bugfixed).mra frogger 216 scramble
Frogger (Sega, Set 2).mra frogger 216 scramble
Future Spy.mra futurespy 193 zaxxon
Galaga (Midway, Set 1).mra galagamw 229 galaga
Galaga 3 (GP3 Rev D).mra galaga3 218 gaplus
Galaxian (Namco, Set 1).mra galaxian 220 galaxian
Galaxy Wars (Universal, Set 1).mra galxwars 226 spaceinvaders
Ganbare! Marine Kun -Japan 2K0411-.mra ganbare 217 jtcps1
Gaplus (GP2 Rev B).mra gaplus 220 gaplus
Gauntlet (rev 14).mra gauntlet 225 gauntlet
Gauntlet II.mra gaunt2 225 gauntlet
Gemini Wing.mra gemini 220 tecmo
Ghosts'n Goblins (World Set 1).mra gng 234 jtgng
Ghouls'n Ghosts -patched-.mra ghouls 217 jtcps1
Ghouls'n Ghosts -World-.mra ghouls 217 jtcps1
Giga Wing (USA 990222).mra gigawing 229 jtcps2
Golden Axe (set 6, US) (8751 317-123A).mra goldnaxe 232 jts16b3
Gorf (Program 1).mra gorf 219 astrocade
Gorf (Speech).mra gorf 219 astrocade
Gorf.mra gorf 219 astrocade
Gorkans.mra gorkans 220 pacman
Gorodki.mra gorodki 229 tiamc1
Gravitar (Ver 3).mra gravitar 218 blackwidow
Green Beret.mra gberet 220 rshnatk
Grobda (W, New Ver.).mra grobda 229 druaga
Gulun.Pa_-_Prototype_1993_-_Japan_931220_L-.mra gulunpa 221 jtcps1
Gun Fight.mra gunfight 226 spaceinvaders
Gun Smoke.mra gunsmoke 216 jtgunsmoke
Guwange (Special).mra guwange 226 cave
Guwange.mra guwange 226 cave
Gyruss.mra gyruss 218 Gyruss
Hang On Jr.mra hangonjr 235 SMS
Heavy Barrel (World).mra hbarrel 232 jtninja
Hellfire (2P set).mra hellfire 229 toaplan1
Hippodrome (US).mra hippodrm 232 jtcop
Horizon (Irem).mra horizon 221 iremm62
Hustle.mra hustle 229 blockade
Hyper Sports.mra hyperspt 237 jtroadf
Hyper Street Fighter II The Anniversary Edition (USA 040202).mra hsf2 229 jtcps2
I'm Sorry (US, 315-5110).mra imsorry 217 segasys1
Iron Horse (Ver. K).mra ironhors 224 IronHorse
Jackal (W) [bl].mra jackalbl 224 Jackal
Jackal (W).mra jackal 224 Jackal
Jackal (W, Rotary).mra jackalr 224 Jackal
Jailbreak.mra jailbrek 224 Jailbreak
Janpai Puzzle Choukou (Japan 010820).mra choko 229 jtcps2
Jin.mra jin 218 defender
Journey.mra journey 216 mcr3
Joust 2 - Survival of the Fittest (revision 2).mra joust2 226 joust2
Joust.mra joust 218 robotron
Jump Shot.mra jumpshot 220 pacman
Jyangokushi Haoh no Saihai (Japan 990527).mra jyangoku 229 jtcps2
Kick.mra kick 216 mcr1
Kicker.mra kicker 237 jtkicker
Kick-Man.mra kickman 216 mcr1
Kid Niki - Radical Ninja (W).mra kidniki 221 iremm62
Kid no Hore Hore Daisakusen.mra horekid 240 terracresta
King And Balloon (Japan).mra kingballj 216 galaxian
King and Balloon (US).mra kingball 216 galaxian
Knights of the Round -World 911127-.mra knights 217 jtcps1
Konami's Ping-Pong.mra pingpong 241 jtpinpon
Konek Gorbunok.mra konek 229 tiamc1
Kot-Rybolov.mra kot 229 tiamc1
Kozmik Krooz'r.mra kroozr 216 mcr2
Kozure Ookami (Japan).mra kozure 240 armedf
Kung-Fu Master (W).mra kungfum 221 iremm62
Lady Bug.mra ladybug 220 ladybug
Laguna Racer.mra lagunar 226 spaceinvaders
Legendary Wings.mra lwings 217 jtsectionz
Legion - Spinner-87 (World ver 2.03).mra legion 240 armedf
Lizard Wizard.mra lizwiz 220 pacman
Lode Runner (Set 1).mra ldrun 221 iremm62
Lode Runner II - The Bungeling Strikes Back.mra ldrun2 221 iremm62
Lode Runner III - The Golden Labyrinth.mra ldrun3 221 iremm62
Lode Runner IV - Teikoku Karano Dasshutsu (JP).mra ldrun4 221 iremm62
Lost Tomb.mra losttomb 216 scramble
Lucky Today.mra luctoday 220 galaxian
Lunar Battle (Prototype).mra lunarbat 218 blackwidow
Lunar Lander.mra llander 220 lunarlander
Lunar Rescue.mra lrescue 226 spaceinvaders
Lupin III (Set 2).mra lupin3a 226 spaceinvaders
Mad Planets.mra mplanets 198 qbert
Magic Sword Heroic Fantasy -World 900725-.mra msword 217 jtcps1
Magical Spot.mra n/a 219 cosmic
Manhattan 24 Bunsyo (J).mra manhatan 224 Jailbreak
Mappy (US).mra mappy 220 druaga
Mario Bros. (US, Rev G).mra mario 220 mariobros
Mars Matrix Hyper Solid Shooting (USA 000412).mra mmatrix 229 jtcps2
Mars.mra mars 217 scramble
Marvel Super Heroes (Euro 951024).mra msh 229 jtcps2
Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter (Euro 970625).mra mshvsf 229 jtcps2
Marvel Vs. Capcom Clash of Super Heroes (Euro 980123).mra mvsc 229 jtcps2
Max RPM (v2).mra maxrpm 217 mcr3mono
Mayday (Set 1).mra mayday 218 defender
Mega Man The Power Battle -CPS1, USA 951006-.mra megaman 229 jtcps1
Mega Man 2 The Power Fighters (USA 960708).mra megaman2 229 jtcps2
Mega Twins -World 900619-.mra mtwins 217 jtcps1
Megumi Rescue (Japan).mra megrescu 245 SMS
Mercs -World 900302-.mra mercs 217 jtcps1
Midnight Resistance (World).mra midres 232 jtmidres
Mighty Monkey (Scramble Hardware) [bl].mra mimonscr 209 scramble
Mighty! Pang (Euro 001010).mra mpang 229 jtcps2
Mikie.mra mikie 237 jtmikie
Minefield.mra minefld 209 scramble
Mister Viking (315-5041).mra mrviking 217 segasys1
Moon Cresta (Galaxian Hardware) [bl].mra mooncrgx 220 galaxian
Moon Patrol.mra mpatrol 220 moonpatrol
Moon War.mra moonwar 216 scramble
Motos.mra motos 220 druaga
Mr. Do Nightmare.mra mrdonight 220 galaxian
Mr. Do! Fixed.mra mrdofix 220 mrdo
Mr. Do!.mra mrdo 220 mrdo
Mr. Goemon.mra mrgoemon 229 rshnatk
Mr. TNT.mra mrtnt 220 pacman
Ms. Pac-Man.mra mspacman 220 pacman
Muscle Bomber Duo Ultimate Team Battle (World 931206).mra mbombrd 217 jtcps15
MVP (set 2, US) (FD1094 317-0143).mra mvp 232 jts16b
MX5000.mra mx5000 237 jtmx5k
My Hero (US, not Encrypted).mra myhero 217 segasys1
Mystic Marathon.mra mysticm 222 MysticMarathon
Nemo -World 901130-.mra nemo 217 jtcps1
New Rally-X.mra nrallyx 220 rallyx
Night Warriors Darkstalkers Revenge (Euro 950316).mra nwarr 229 jtcps2
Ninjakun.mra ninjakun 220 ninjakun
Number Crash.mra numcrash 220 pacman
Omega [bl].mra omegab 220 galaxian
Opa Opa (Rev A, unprotected).mra opaopan 235 SMS
Opa Opa.mra opaopa 235 SMS
Orbitron.mra orbitron 220 galaxian
Out Zone.mra outzone 229 toaplan1
Pac & Pal.mra pacnpal 220 druaga
Pac-Man & Chomp Chomp.mra pacnchmp 220 druaga
Pac-Man (Midway).mra pacman 218 pacman
Pac-Man Club- Club Lambada (AR).mra clubpacm 220 pacman
Pac-Man Plus.mra pacplus 220 pacman
Pac-Manic Miner.mra n/a 217 pacman
Pang (World).mra pang 237 jtpang
Pang! 3 -Euro 950601-.mra pang3 217 jtcps1
Passing Shot (World, 2 Players) (FD1094 317-0080).mra passsht 232 jts16b
Pengo (Set 1, Rev C).mra pengo 220 pengo
Penguin-Kun_Wars.mra pkunwar 221 PenguinKunWars
Penguin-Kun_Wars_Japan.mra pkunwarj 221 PenguinKunWars
Pest Place.mra pestplce 227 DonkeyKong
Phoenix (Amstar, Set 1).mra phoenix 220 phoenix
Pickin'.mra pickin 220 bagman
Pirate Ship Higemaru.mra higemaru 217 jthige
Pisces.mra pisces 220 galaxian
Pitfall II.mra pitfall2 216 segasys1
Playball (Prototype).mra playball 218 robotron
Pleiads (Centuri).mra pleiadce 220 pleiads
Pleiads (Tehkan).mra pleiads 220 phoenix
Pleiads.mra pleiads 220 pleiads
Pnickies -Japan 940608-.mra pnickj 217 jtcps1
Pokonyan! Balloon -Japan 940322-.mra pokonyan 217 jtcps1
Poly Play 2.mra polyplay2 220 polyplay
Poly Play 2c.mra polyplay2 220 polyplay
Poly Play.mra polyplay 229 polyplay
Pong (Rev E).mra pong pong
Ponpoko.mra ponpoko 220 pacman
Pooyan.mra pooyan 220 pooyan
Popeye (Rev D).mra popeye 219 popeye
Power Drive.mra powerdrv 217 mcr3mono
Progear (USA 010117).mra progear 229 jtcps2
Puck Man (JP, Set 1).mra puckman 220 pacman
Puzz Loop 2 (Euro 010302).mra pzloop2 229 jtcps2
Puzzle Uo Poko (Japan).mra uopoko 226 cave
Puzzle Uo Poko.mra uopoko 226 cave
Q'bert (US, Set 1).mra qbert 198 qbert
QBert Qubes.mra qbertqub 198 qbert
Quiz & Dragons Capcom Quiz Game -USA 920701-.mra qad 217 jtcps1
Quiz Nanairo Dreams Nijiirochou no Kiseki (Japan 96086).mra qndream 229 jtcps2
Quiz Tonosama no Yabou 2 Zenkoku-ban -Japan 950123-.mra qtono2j 217 jtcps1
Radar Scope (rev. D).mra radarscp 229 donkeykong
Rafflesia (315-5162).mra raflesia 216 segasys1
Rally-X (32k Ver).mra rallyx 220 rallyx
Rampage (Rev 3, 860827).mra rampage 217 mcr3mono
Rastan (World Rev 1).mra rastan 241 jtrastan
Regulus (315-5033, Rev A).mra regulus 216 segasys1
Rescue.mra rescue 209 scramble
Riddle of Pythagoras (Japan).mra ridleofp 235 SMS
Ring of Destruction Slam Masters II (Euro 940902).mra ringdest 229 jtcps2
Riot City (Japan).mra riotcity 232 jts16b
River Patrol (JP, Unprotected).mra rpatroln 220 riverpatrol
Road Fighter (set 1).mra roadf 237 jtroadf
Robocop (World revision 4).mra robocop 232 jtcop
Robotron 2084.mra robotron 218 robotron
Rush'n Attack (US).mra rushatck 220 rshnatk
Rygar.mra rygar 220 tecmo
RyuKyu (Rev A, Japan) (FD1094 317-5023A).mra ryukyu 232 jts16b
S.O.S..mra sosterm 229 tiamc1
Sarge.mra sarge 217 mcr3mono
Satan's Hollow (Set 1).mra shollow 216 mcr2
Saturday Night Slam Masters (World 930713).mra slammast 217 jtcps15
Scooter Shooter.mra scotrsht 224 ScooterShooter
Scramble (Stern, Set 1).mra scramble 216 scramble
Sea Wolf (Set 1).mra seawolf 226 spaceinvaders
Sea Wolf II.mra seawolf2 219 astrocade
Secret Agent (World revision 3).mra secretag 232 jtslyspy
SectionZ.mra sectionz 217 jtsectionz
Sega Ninja (315-5102).mra seganinj 217 segasys1
Sei Senshi Amatelass.mra amatelas 240 terracresta
Shinobi (Set 6, World, S16A) [No Protection].mra shinobi 232 jts16
Shot Rider (B-Board 89624B-1).mra shtrider 216 traverseusa
Shuffleboard.mra shuffle 226 spaceinvaders
Side Arms - Hyper Dyne (World, 861129).mra sidearms 217 jtsarms
Silkworm.mra silkworm 220 tecmo
Silver Land.mra silvland 220 silverland
Sinistar.mra sinistar 218 robotron
Sky Skipper.mra skyskipr 219 popeye
Slap Shooter.mra slapshtr 235 SMS
Snap Jack.mra snapjack 220 ladybug
Snezhnaja Koroleva.mra koroleva 229 tiamc1
Solar Fox.mra solarfox 216 mcr1
Solomon no Kagi (JP).mra solomonj 218 solomonskey
Solomon's Key.mra solomon 220 solomonskey
Sonic Boom (FD1094 317-0053).mra sonicbom 232 jts16b
Space Chaser.mra schaser 226 spaceinvaders
Space Encounters.mra spcenctr 226 spaceinvaders
Space Invaders (Samples).mra invaders 226 spaceinvaders
Space Invaders Part II (Taito, Bigger ROMs).mra invadpt2 226 spaceinvaders
Space Invaders.mra invaders 226 spaceinvaders
Space Panic.mra n/a 219 cosmic
Space Race [TTL].mra spacerace spacerace
Space Zap.mra spacezap 219 astrocade
Spatter (315-5xxx).mra spatter 217 segasys1
Speed Coin.mra spdcoin 216 scramble
Spelunker II - 23 no Kagi (JP).mra spelunk2 221 iremm62
Spelunker.mra spelunkr 221 iremm62
Splat!.mra splat 218 robotron
Sprint 1.mra sprint1 216 sprint1
Sprint 2.mra sprint2 220 sprint2
Spy Hunter.mra spyhunt 220 mcr3scroll
Squash.mra squaitsa 220 bagman
Star Guards.mra stargrds 217 mcr3mono
Star Jacker (alt).mra starjacks 216 segasys1
Star Jacker.mra starjack 216 segasys1
Stargate.mra stargate 218 robotron
Strategy X.mra stratgyx 217 scramble
Street Fighter (US, set 1).mra sf 234 jtsf
Street Fighter Alpha 2 (Euro 960229).mra sfa2 229 jtcps2
Street Fighter Alpha 3 (Euro 980904).mra sfa3 229 jtcps2
Street Fighter Alpha Warriors Dreams (Euro 950727).mra sfa 229 jtcps2
Street Fighter II' Champion Edition -World 920513-.mra sf2ce 217 jtcps1
Street Fighter II' Hyper Fighting -World 921209-.mra sf2hf 217 jtcps1
Street Fighter II The World Warrior -World 910522-.mra sf2 217 jtcps1
Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha (Asia 960826).mra sfz2al 229 jtcps2
Strider -USA, B-Board 89624B-2-.mra strider 217 jtcps1
Subs.mra subs 216 subs
Super Bagman.mra sbagman 217 bagman
Super Basketball (version I, encrypted).mra sbasketb 237 jtsbask1
Super Breakout (Rev 04).mra sbrkout 220 superbreakout
Super Cobra.mra scobra 216 scramble
Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix (USA 970904).mra sgemf 229 jtcps2
Super Glob (Pac-Man, German) [bl].mra sprglbpg 220 pacman
Super Pac-Man.mra superpac 220 druaga
Super Pang (World 900914).mra spang 237 jtpang
Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo (Euro 960529).mra spf2t 229 jtcps2
Super Street Fighter II The New Challengers (World 931005).mra ssf2 229 jtcps2
Super Street Fighter II Turbo (World 940223).mra ssf2t 229 jtcps2
Super Xevious.mra xevious 229 xevious
Super Zaxxon.mra szaxxon 193 zaxxon
Swat (315-5048).mra swat 217 segasys1
Tapper (Budweiser, 840127).mra tapper 218 mcr3
Tazz-Mania (Set 1).mra tazmania 216 scramble
TeddyBoy Blues (315-5115, New Ver).mra teddybb 217 segasys1
Terra Cresta (YM3526 set 1).mra terracre 240 terracresta
Terra Force.mra terraf 240 armedf
Tetris (Cocktail, Set 1).mra atetrisc 218 ataritetris
Tetris (Japan, System E).mra tetrisse 235 SMS
Tetris (Set 4, Japan, S16A) [FD1094 317-0093].mra tetris 232 jts16
Tetris.mra atetris 220 ataritetris
The Adventures of Robby Roto!.mra robby 219 astrocade
The Battle-Road.mra battroad 221 iremm62
The End (bkg).mra theend 220 scramble
The End.mra theend 220 scramble
The Glob (Pac-Man Hardware).mra theglobp 220 pacman
The King of Dragons -World 910805-.mra kod jtcps1
The Punisher (World 930422).mra punisher 217 jtcps15
The Speed Rumbler (set 1).mra srumbler 229 jtrumble
The Tower of Druaga.mra todruaga 220 druaga
Three Wonders -World 910520-.mra 3wonders 217 jtcps1
Tiger Road.mra tigeroad 217 jttora
Timber.mra timber 216 mcr3
Time Pilot '84 (Set 1).mra tp84 224 TimePilot84
Time Pilot '84 (Set 2).mra tp84a 224 TimePilot84
Time Pilot '84 (Set 3).mra tp84b 224 TimePilot84
Time Pilot.mra timeplt 220 timepilot
Time Scanner (set 2, System 16B).mra timescan 232 jts16b
TNKIII.mra tnk3 193 TNKIII
Tokio - Scramble Formation (bootleg).mra tokiob 217 jtbubl
Tokushu Butai Jackal (JP).mra jackalj 224 Jackal
Top Gunner (US) [bl].mra topgunbl 224 Jackal
Top Gunner (US).mra topgunr 224 Jackal
Toryumon.mra toryumon 232 jts16b
Tough Turf (set 2, Japan) (8751 317-0104).mra tturf 232 jts16b3
Track & Field.mra trackfld 237 jttrack
Transformer.mra transfrm 235 SMS
Traverse USA- Zippy Race (US).mra travrusa 220 traverseusa
Trick Trap (World).mra tricktrp jtlabrun
Trojan (Romstar).mra trojanr 217 jttrojan
Tron.mra tron 218 mcr2
Truxton - Tatsujin.mra truxton 229 toaplan1
Turbo Tag (Prototype).mra turbotag 220 mcr3scroll
Turkey Shoot - The Day They Took Over.mra tshoot 220 TurkeyShoot
Turtles.mra turtles 209 scramble
Two Tigers (Tron Conversion).mra twotigerc 218 mcr2
U.N. Squadron -USA-.mra unsquad 217 jtcps1
Ultra Tank.mra ultratnk 217 ultratank
UniWar S.mra uniwars 220 galaxian
Up'n Down.mra upndown 216 segasys1
Vampire Hunter 2 Darkstalkers Revenge (Japan 970929).mra vhunt2 229 jtcps2
Vampire Savior 2 The Lord of Vampire (Japan 970913).mra vsav2 229 jtcps2
Vampire Savior The Lord of Vampire (Euro 970519).mra vsav 229 jtcps2
Van-Van Car.mra vanvan 220 pacman
Varth Operation Thunderstorm -World 920714-.mra varth 217 jtcps1
V'Ball (US) [bl].mra vballb 229 vball
V'Ball (US).mra vball 229 vball
Victory.mra victorycb 220 galaxian
Vigilante (World, Rev E).mra vigilant 232 jtvigil
Vindicators Part II (rev 3).mra vindctr2 225 gauntlet
Vortex.mra vortex 226 spaceinvaders
Vulgus.mra vulgus 217 jtvulgus
Wacko.mra wacko 216 mcr2
War of the Bugs.mra warofbug 220 galaxian
Warriors of Fate (World 921031).mra wof 217 jtcps15
Water Match (315-5064).mra wmatch 217 segasys1
Willow -World-.mra willow 217 jtcps1
Wizard of Wor (Speech).mra wow 219 astrocade
Wizard of Wor.mra wow 219 astrocade
Wonder Boy (Set 1, 315-5177).mra wboy 217 segasys1
Wonder Boy III - Monster Lair (set 3, World, System 16B) (FD1094 317-0089).mra wb33 232 jts16b
Woodpecker (Set 1).mra woodpeck 220 pacman
Wrestle War (set 3, World) (8751 317-0103).mra wrestwar 232 jts16b3
Xevious.mra xevious 229 xevious
X-Men Children of the Atom (Euro 950331).mra xmcota 229 jtcps2
X-Men Vs. Street Fighter (Euro 961004).mra xmvsf 229 jtcps2
Yie Ar Kung-Fu (program code I).mra yiear 237 jtyiear
Youjyuden (JP).mra youjyudn 221 iremm62
zaxxon.mra zaxxon 193 zaxxon
Zero Wing (2P set).mra zerowing 229 toaplan1
Zig Zag (Dig Dug Conversion) [bl].mra zigzagb 220 zigzag