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Core Paths

The standard paths are of the form /media/fat/games/<CORE>, where <CORE> is the internal core name of the given system.

Please check the respective README file for each core to determine the appropriate full path.

Standard USB Core Paths

They are of the form /media/usb<0..5>/games/<CORE>. Where <0..5> indicates the number of USB drives mounted by the operating system.

Standard CIFS Core Paths

They are of the form /media/fat/cifs/games/<CORE>.

Other Paths

There are other valid paths, that are available for backwards-compatibility reasons, and also to ease testing. You should use the standard paths instead whenever possible.

Path Priority

There is a priority order of core paths. When you plug in a USB drive and it has a folder /games/PSX on it (mounted locally as /media/usb<0..5>/games/PSX when plugged in), then the MiSTer PSX core will look to that folder on the USB drive instead of the local one on the MicroSD at /media/fat/games/PSX. Here is the priority list from Main_MiSTer's file_io.cpp in order of highest priority to lowest:

  1. /media/fat
  2. /media/usb<0..5>
  3. /media/usb<0..5>/games
  4. /media/fat/cifs
  5. /media/fat/cifs/games
  6. /media/fat/games

If the core's folder isn't found in any of these it should create the folder.