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The Genesis core is a port of the fpgagen core to MiSTer, with significant enhancements and additions. The audio filtering options have been adjusted according to real hardware using MDFourier.


  • Composite Blending effect (e.g. Sonic Waterfall transparency)
  • CPU Turbo option (e.g. Road Rash gameplay speed)
  • Increase sprite limit.
  • Audio Filtering options for Model 1, Model 2, Minimal, and No Filter
  • Switch between YM2612 (Model 1) or YM3438 (Model 2/3) FM Synth
  • Multitap: 4-way, Team Player, J-Cart
  • SVP Chip (Virtua Racing for Genesis supported)
  • Auto-Region header detection using the new style and the old style combined.
  • Corrected Aspect Ratio option for 320x224 game resolutions (e.g. Castlevania Moon).

Region detection

There are two methods of region detection.

  1. Header: This method detects a character in the header to determine if the game was intended to be played on a Japanese, European, or American version of the console. This method is default and preferred as it is compatible with the entire commercial lineup. This option uses a region priority setting for multi-region games which had "JUE" in the header. Whatever the first region is, will be the region set on load of a multi-region game.

  2. File Ext: This method changes the region according to the filename extension of the rom.

    • BIN = Japanese
    • GEN = America
    • MD = Europe

There is also a region priority list for multi-region games that had multiple region codes in the header. This is useful if you want to specify a certain region to default to in order of first priority to last (e.g. US>JP>EU will try to load multi-region games in US first, then it will load as JP if no US region code is present, then EU if neither is present).

YM2612/YM3438 and Genesis Model 1/2 Audio Filtering

Corrected Aspect Ratio Example Video

Composite Effect Example Video

Turbo CPU Example Video

Last update: April 26, 2023