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Note: This core is in the process of being deprecated thanks to the new hardware accurate Megadrive core by Nukeykt that was made from decaps. The turbo and sprite limit features are unavailable in the Megadrive core currently.**

The Genesis core is a port of the fpgagen core to MiSTer, with significant enhancements and additions. The audio filtering options have been adjusted according to real hardware using MDFourier.


  • Composite Blending effect (e.g. Sonic Waterfall transparency)
  • CPU Turbo option (e.g. Road Rash gameplay speed)
  • Increase sprite limit.
  • Audio Filtering options for Model 1, Model 2, Minimal, and No Filter
  • Switch between YM2612 (Model 1) or YM3438 (Model 2/3) FM Synth
  • Multitap: 4-way, Team Player, J-Cart
  • SVP Chip (Virtua Racing for Genesis supported)
  • Auto-Region header detection using the new style and the old style combined.
  • Corrected Aspect Ratio option for 320x224 game resolutions (e.g. Castlevania Moon).

Region detection

There are two methods of region detection.

  1. Header: This method detects a character in the header to determine if the game was intended to be played on a Japanese, European, or American version of the console. This method is default and preferred as it is compatible with the entire commercial lineup. This option uses a region priority setting for multi-region games which had "JUE" in the header. Whatever the first region is, will be the region set on load of a multi-region game.

  2. File Ext: This method changes the region according to the filename extension of the rom.

    • BIN = Japanese
    • GEN = America
    • MD = Europe

There is also a region priority list for multi-region games that had multiple region codes in the header. This is useful if you want to specify a certain region to default to in order of first priority to last (e.g. US>JP>EU will try to load multi-region games in US first, then it will load as JP if no US region code is present, then EU if neither is present).

YM2612/YM3438 and Genesis Model 1/2 Audio Filtering

Corrected Aspect Ratio Example Video

Composite Effect Example Video

Turbo CPU Example Video