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RTC Support

MiSTer has Real-Time Clock support in many of it's cores. If you have an internet connection or the RTC board installed, these cores will show the correct date and time or be utilised by the core.

RTC is supported in following cores and how to test:

  • ao486 (PC) (DATE on MS-DOS prompt)
  • Archie (Acorn Archimedes) (Apps > Alarm)
  • GBA (checked with Pokémon Sapphire, wall clock in first room)
  • Gameboy (GB and GBC) (Pokémon Gold: set clock, go one room right, set day of week, save, restart; clock is in the menu screen)
  • MSX ("MSX3") (DATE on MSX-DOS prompt)
  • BBCMicro (BBC Micro Master 128K) (PRINT TIME$ in BBC Master mode)
  • Menu (on top of the panels)
  • Minimig (Amiga) (Utilities > Clock)
  • NeoGeo (DIP Settings: ON > BOOK KEEPING > CABINET/COIN, check date of log entries)
  • PC8801mk2SR (PC-88) (PRINT DATE$, shows year 85 but month and day are OK, and PRINT TIME$ shows correct time)
  • QL (Sinclair QL) (PRINT DATE$)
  • SNES (Daikaijuu Monogatari II, Tengai Makyou Zero - once set up, you need to reload the core for the clock to take the real time)
  • TSConf (top of Wild Commander screen, also MaxiClock plugin)
  • X68000 (DATE on HUMAN68K prompt)
  • Zet98 (PC-98) (DATE on MS-DOS prompt)
  • ZXNext (ZX Spectrum Next) (main menu in Next mode)