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Here's a reference of the hotkeys you can use with the MiSTer. Hotkeys are useful at saving time and there are some hotkeys which do things you can only do with a keyboard or gamepad. Some of these hotkeys only work in the Main Menu core, others will work inside emulators as part of the gameplay, and some will work in all instances.

In any core, with OSD closed

Hotkey Description
F12 Open the Menu/On-Screen Display
Alt+F12 Open core select menu
Win+Print Screen Take a screenshot (upscaled)
Shift+Win+Print Screen Take a screenshot (raw output)
Left Ctrl+Left Alt+Right Alt Press "User" button, usually resets current core, same function as IO board button
Left Shift+Left Ctrl+Left Alt+Right Alt Full Reboot/Reset, same as IO add-on board Reset button
Controller: Button + Menu hotkey Turn on/off turbo/autofire for the pressed button
Controller: Direction + Menu hotkey Set rate of turbo/autofire in milliseconds (ms)

With the OSD open, in any core

Hotkey Description
F12 Close OSD
F11 Pair Bluetooth controller
Hold IO Board OSD Button Alternate method to Pair Bluetooth controller
Left Go to information screen (shows currently selected INI file and volume)
Right System screen (change core, set filters, gamma, etc...)
Controller: Back + R/L/U/D Select Alternate INI file if defined (Default/Alt1/Alt2/Alt3)
Controller: Select Expands submenus in the OSD when highlighted
Controller: Shoulder Buttons Cycles through the OSD options in a core in either direction

In the Main Menu core only

Hotkey Description
F1 Switch background type (static, wallpaper, color bars, black)
F2 Hide / Show core dates
F9 Open Linux terminal / command line interface, use F12 to go back to menu
Controller: LB + X / Y Test the rumble motors on your controller

Core-specific hotkeys

Some computer cores

Some computer cores make use of the Windows key (Win) on your keyboard.

Hotkey Description
Win+F12 Open the OSD

Cores that support savestates

Very few cores support savestates (NES, PSX, GameBoy, GBA, WonderSwan, AtariLynx). There are 4 savestate slots available. In those cores there is a standard savestate button you can assign on your controller (we'll call that SaveStateBtn here):

Hotkey Description
Alt+F1 - F4 Save the state in slots 1-4 respectively
F1 - F4 Restore the state from slots 1-4 respectively
Controller: SaveStateBtn + Left/Right Switches the savestate slot
Controller: SaveStateBtn + Start + Down Saves to the selected slot
Controller: SaveStateBtn + Start + Up Restores from the selected slot