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There are multiple MiSTer FPGA cases available to you. From DIY cases made out of project boxes, to retro-fitting an old computer or console injection molded case, even 3d printing your own, and manufactured aluminum heatsink cases... There are plenty of choices. Remember, you can be creative and have fun with your case design of choice.

Get some ideas

If you are wanting to make your own case you might want some ideas. There is an excellent "Show us your MiSTer" thread up on the MiSTer FPGA official forums that you should take a look at if you are thinking of coming up with something creative. That thread has both store-bought and custom-build MiSTer's on display.

3d Printed Designs

There are lots of 3d Printed cases on the internet. Here are some generic ones that may interest you if you have a 3d printer:

As you can see, a 3d Printer can give you a lot of flexibility in designing your own case.

Laser-cut designs

There are both some open source and some for-sale laser cut case designs that may be of interest to you. Here are a few: